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• 10/19/2018


Oh yeah, I making Template:Soul.

Soul Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki
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• 10/19/2018

Template:H Hi, can you see the script error. Can you help me.

H Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 9/28/2013

Andrew unbanned?

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Do you want that Andrew get unbanned?  yes 6 no 9 The poll was created at 09:17 on September 28, 2013, and so far 15 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 9/22/2013

Chat mod

This wiki kinda has a low number of mods.Everytime I go in the chat(and I go everyday),Ice is the only chat mod here.What happends if Ice has to sleep,for example?No one would be here to make sure no one breaks a rule.I am NOT saying to make me an mod.I am just saying that there are not many chat mods.Just my opinion...
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• 8/31/2013

Masters of Animanga Promotion!

This project is the Collaborative Writing Project with the Masters of Animanga and is starting on the 3rd of September until the 27th. Users are invited to collaborate with some of the big names in the Animanga bussiness and are to create three short stories based on the vampire genre, girls genre and the samurai genre. Users of the Animanga Wikia can also work together with Japanese professional mangaka, producers and illustrators to create a paragraph-to-paragraph story which will be highlighted on Wikia and eventually on New York Comic-Con!!
So, If you're interested, Please visit this page for more information and your chance to get involved!
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• 8/8/2013

New Hissatsu Template

I've made a better version of the hissatsu template. User:IceMaster123/Hissatsu is it possible to make a template page of it?
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• 7/24/2013

Proofreading Articles

Hey guys! I thought I drop by and give everyone a semi-important warning, which revolves around creating our articles.
At one point a while ago I almost thought I lost everything when I was attempting to edit one of my character articles by changing their game profile to a tabber format. Apparently I didn't add the end syntax due to the fact I didn't read it properly. Thankfully I had everything on another tab in my browser so I saved that as a backup document on Word and re-edited the profile.
Okay so I admit that proofreading is optional since not everybody on here likes it, but I highly reconmmend it, especially if you don't wanna end up doing exactly like what I did.
DAMN YOU HTML! (Excuse my language but that incident frustrated me to no end...)
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• 6/28/2013

Design for the Fanon Wiki

To start off, as you can see there's a minor re-design on the wiki. The header is now red/brownish (due to our wordmark being red), the links are now blue, there's transparency and lastly the buttons are a different variety of blue. What are your comments? Also, can I ask for some suggestions for the background or should we stay with it? (I feel like we should stay with it but I wanna hear other's idea)
I hope for earnest comments (but please say it without offense)
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• 6/26/2013

Fanfiction Summary Template

Due to IEFC merging with Fanon, a ton of fanfiction summaries were merged into to wiki so I've temporarily added a new template: Template:Fanfiction Summary for you guys if you want to give your stories an overall summary. It's somewhat similar to looking up your favourite anime, movies, books etc. on Wikipedia for certain bit of information.
Some examples to how the Fanfiction Summary pages would look like:
King's Game | Moments With You
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This post is locked.
• 6/16/2013


Greetings, everyone. I've been thinking about doing it, but I must first describe it here. As a preferred font, I would like to change the whole wiki's font to Segoe UI. It is pretty attractive, small (not very much) and clear to see. As per user's choice and the founder's permission, I would like to present, Segoe UI.
Text taken from the Main Page

The Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki is a place for fellow Inazuma Eleven fans to create their own stories based on the series! You can also create teams, characters, hissatsu techniques, keshins and so many more! Be wary that Level-5 owns the Inazuma Eleven series and not us so do not claim Inazuma Eleven in any of your fics nor characters. Everything here is not canon and does not happen in the real series. Other than that, browse around and see the stories and characters!If you're just new in this wiki, check the Manual of Style. This is important. So please do not forget to read this first as this contains the guidelines for creating your own fanfiction and other related Inazuma Eleven fanon material.

You might have noted the difference. I find this font better and more attractive than the plain old, sans-serif (current font). Regarding this, I present before you, the poll. Please vote.
Should Segoe UI be implemented in the whole wiki?
Yes, I think it is quite clear and nice. : 6
Yes, but it is not up to the level, maybe another font? : 0
I don't know, I'll be staying neutral. : 2
No, but it is a great font. : 0
No, the current one is better. : 1
NOTE : This poll has ended.
Any questions, comments shall be given as a reply under this thread.
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• 6/12/2013

Character Template Update

The second version of the character template has been updated. As a new feature, it now uses parser functions, which automatically remove a parameter, if they are not filled. The colors black and white (and shades) have been used because of their simplicity. If any fellow user has an opinion, complaint, feedback or something else to say, they might want to reply to this thread, as a response.
Link to the second version of the character template : Character V2
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• 6/10/2013

Templates V2

So far, I'm planning to make V2's of various old templates here, but so far the only I have done is for the character template which can be seen here; Template:Character V2. It can be used by everyone, at the same time the old templates can also still be used.
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• 6/9/2013

Improvement Template

After discussing with the founder, the improvement template has been created. This template shall be put on articles where there is a certain need of improvement, which means that anyone along the creator can edit the article it's been used on. The second use of the template has to be used when an unfinished article finishes its deadline date, and the creator does not edits it (functions have been explained in the template page)
Note to all admins : You might want to list down articles in need of improvement below this thread, making it thereby easier for users to add the template in the articles.
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• 6/9/2013

Daily Chit Chat

Welcome, welcome! This is the official IE Fanon Wiki Daily Chit Chat thread.
Feel free to post to your heart's content, the more the merrier! Just don't spam up the place. A few quick rules to get you started:
• Stick with the current topic. Feel free to come in and change the topic if the old topic is dead.
• Try to keep up! Don't ask what the topic is. Look back over the last few posts and figure it out for yourself. "What are we talking about guys" posts aren't very conducive to discussion.Also, don't post "I'm off bye" or "I just got here, what's up" posts, these will be noted as Spam.
• Don't flame, troll, or harass. This is a light-hearted thread but it still follows all IEF rules. It's meant to be a very chill and relaxed atmosphere. Don't ruin it for other users. 
But make sure to stay on topic or start a new topic. Do not start bashing, flaming, and causing spam. Post intelligent topics and use your common sense. 
Of course have fun and get to know other members of the wiki :D
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• 6/8/2013

A bit off the Activeness and Something New at my Mind

Well... were of a lack of activeness and we need a new something in this fanon. I have one at my mind, it's role-playing page, where OCS role-play, like at classes, soccer club, and beaches~ So can you all agree?
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• 6/8/2013

Unfinished Articles

So, just to add, this template functions like a stub template, but instead since this a fanon wiki, let's call it 'unfinished'
Here's the template! It automatically adds the 'Unfinished Articles' category ^^ Template:Unfinished
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• 6/8/2013

Re-adding categories and fixing pages

From what I can see there are articles that aren't categorized or have few missing categories. At the same time some articles aren't that aligned. So I hope not much people won't mind but I'll be editing other people's work's on their articles, but just gonna FIX it. I'm not gonna change any important content whatsoever and I hope it's fine with everyone.
At the same time, some articles don't have the person's signature or name to show whoever made it so I'm gonna check each page's history and add whoever made it.
And if anyone want's to help, please comment!
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This post is locked.
• 6/7/2013

Article Comments

Well, a fellow user was concerned whether or not 'Article Comments' should have been enabled here, since in his opinion, it's better to just disable it for various reasons, one being it's more professional if the discussion is on talk pages or articles than 'article comments'.
So what do you think? Should Article Comments be continued to be used or disabled?
Please comment and tell your opinion!
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