Arane Kiki
First appearance First Day
Created by Memoyakio
Voiced by Takagaki Ayahi
Team/s Magic Water
Element Fire
Number 10
Position FW [Forward]
Full Names Arane Kiki
Japanese Name
English Name Fazy Hurrien
Nickname/s Jou-sama (by most pupils in the academy)

Kiki-chan (by Hazami)

Age 14, 24(GO)
Birthdate 2nd May
Birthplace Tokyo
Nationality Japan
Notable Relatives
School/Class 2-C, Magic Water Academy
Anything is important, but my friends and my family are the most important!

Arane Kiki

Arane is another fanmade character that create/made by Memoyakio. She is Hebino and Memo's friend.


Arane has long gray hair match her eyes but her eyes are darker.Her hair are tied into a ponytail.She wears a dark red T-shirt with a light blue diamond on the chest.She also wears brown-like shorts.Arane also wears bra.She has white skin.In GO !,she wears pink shirt with a blue carigan over it.It seems that she don't wear her bra anymore.So now she wear a necklace.Also,her hair is now tied into loose ponytail.She also wears skinny blue jeans.


She is somewhat girly,kind and like to tease people.She also happy-go-lucky.Sometimes, she can be shy.For her, soccer is sports that not interesting at all but when she saw  Memo playing soccer,she start to like it Arane is not a person that easy to be bullied .

In GO !,she is not too girly.She also getting more mature but her shy personality is still with him. 


"If today was too bad for you, I think you still get a chance tomorrow." To Memo

"Hebino is rude. I bet he wil regret doing that one day." To Memo

"Each people has their confident.. but why.. why I'm not? I'm so easy to give up.." To herself



  • She love pink and red colour a lot.
  • She only wears her bracelet when she went shopping, etc except when playing soccer.
  • Her bracelet was given by her boyfriend.
  • She don't like when people talk about ghost or scary things with the reason she will get fever.
  • Unlike Memo, she like wearing skirt/mini skirt.
  • At a time, she can be pretty jelous if she saw Memo and Hebino walk to school together.
  • Most pupils in her school called her as "Jou-sama" (I'll make a fanfic how she got nicknamed like that!)
    • Also, when it is translate, it means Queen.


  • Arane was fully made by me !
  • Feel free to use her but ask me !
  • Sometimes I edit this page .