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Welcome to the Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki!

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Welcome to the Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki!
The Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki has 3,108 articles since its debut!
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The Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki is a place for fellow Inazuma Eleven fans to create their own stories based on the series! You can also create teams, characters, hissatsu techniques, keshins and so many more! Be wary that Level-5 owns the Inazuma Eleven series and not us so do not claim Inazuma Eleven in any of your fics nor characters. Everything here is not canon and does not happen in the real series. Other than that, browse around and see the stories and characters!

Fanon Creation
Ever wanted to create your own Inazuma Eleven Character? Or write fanfictions about them? Or make your own Hissatsu? Well, you've come to the right place! This wiki is for everyone to make a fanfiction! You can also upload your fanarts here! This is why it's called a Fanon Wiki!
What are you waiting for now? Create your own fanmade article right away!

Masters of Animanga Promotion
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This project is the Collaborative Writing Project with the Masters of Animanga and is starting on the 3rd of September until the 27th. Users are invited to collaborate with some of the big names in the Animanga bussiness and are to create three short stories based on the vampire genre, girls genre and the samurai genre. Users of the Animanga Wikia can also work together with Japanese professional mangaka, producers and illustrators to create a paragraph-to-paragraph story which will be highlighted on Wikia and eventually on New York Comic-Con!!

So, If you're interested or want to participate, Click onto the image to go onto the blog for more information!

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What do you like to create/do the most?

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Manual of Creation

If you're just new in this wiki, check the Manual of Style. This is important. So please do not forget to read this first as this contains the guidelines for creating your own fanfiction and other related Inazuma Eleven fanon material.

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