I am good and Evil i am Darkness and light but right now im your worst nightmare

–Raiden kuraiten

Raiden Kuraiten
First appearance Not yet
Created by Zetsu
Voiced by Kenn
Team/s none
Element all elements
Position Allrounder
Full Names Raiden Fukushū Kuraiten
Japanese Name 雷電福暗い約
English Name Alex Grant
Age 15
Birthdate 7.3.98
Birthplace japan Tokyo
Nationality Japaneese
Notable Relatives
Family Father: Akum Kuraiten

Mother: Tenshi Kuraiten sister:Ayumi kuraiten


About him

Raiden is a cool boy ,everyone in his family is always like "Raiden your the cool one".When he was 10 he and his sister were at the park.He and his sister who was 7 yrs old were playing hide and seek near a building that was getting constructed ,it was his turn he had to search his sister where ever she was hiding so raiden was searching around the whole building when he noticed his sister, then he looked up and saw a big wooden plank was going to hit his sister, Raiden was going to do anything to save his sister.He ran to save his sister when he reached his sister he hugged her and then the wooden plank fell down. At that moment A unknown man came and shot the ball very hard to the wooden plank which saved raiden and his sister,from this moment onwards raiden started learning soccer.


He is brave and friendly and very kind to his friends.He does anything to protect his friends and family members

Konton (split personality)


Konton Personality

Konton is Raidens Split personality with a lot of power this personality is so strong that its shown that it can score many goals without breaking a sweat.This Personality like to create chaos in the game.IN this personality raiden gets red eyes and his hair starts flying up a bit.


Raiden is an allround player he can play as and defender midfielder forward and goalkeeper

Shoot Hissatsus:

Nebula blast

Heavenly nightmare

Super nova(raidens strongest shoot)


Leopard movement

Water of Moses (the whole stadium is fixed with water and the user can go to the goal without harm)


Mega Jupiter

Tower of Heaven


Jigoku Hand

Tengoku hand



  • Raidens Birthday is the same as my dad
  • The name Raiden is deprived from the Japanese mythological god of thunder


  • I will be making his kenshin as soon as i can
  • Ask me if u want to use him
  • I will try to edit this page as often as i can


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